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Program Overview

 The purpose of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is to attract, manage and disburse additional resources through new public-private partnerships between government, civil society, private sector and affected communities that will make a significant contribution to the reduction of infections, illness and death. The Global Fund (GF) supports efforts aimed at mitigating the impact caused by HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in countries in need, and to poverty reduction as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Sustainability and success of GF-funded programs and projects depend on strong country-driven, coordinated, multi-sectoral and comprehensive approaches involving all relevant partners; effective planning and development of programs; hands-on implementation; monitoring and evaluation; as well as decision-making related to the allocation and utilization of Global Fund financial resources. The Global Fund relies on local stakeholders at the country-level to implement programs and manage grant proceeds; promotes rapid release of funds to assist target populations; monitors and evaluates program effectiveness and makes decisions on future funding based on programmatic performance and financial accountability; and as far as possible encourage the use of existing standards and processes in grant recipient countries.

 Background History

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the Principal Recipient (PR) of the AIDS/TB/Malaria Programs financed by Global Fund, and the program is implemented through selected grant sub-recipients (SRs). On 29th of October 2004, the Minister of Health signed the Order No. 136 to establish the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to implement GF-funded Scaling up the response to HIV/AIDS in Azerbaijan project. After competitive selection process headed by the Selection Committee, the Minister of Health approved the structure and staff of PIU. Later, the PIU was also nominated as Principal Recipient for the GFATM Round 5 TB grant, and the Round 7 TB and malaria grants. To build upon the achievements of HIV project and to ensure the continuity of actions and effective coordination of increasingly complex interventions, the CCM has decided to nominate the Ministry of Health PIU as PR for the Round 9 HIV/AIDS grant as well. As confirmed during the earlier PR Assessments by the Local Fund Agent, the PIU has appropriate capacities for implementation of Global Fund grants.