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On 13 March 2014 a training on Financial Accountability and Management of Harm Reduction Program (HRP) was conducted for financial officers of the NGOs participating in Harm Reduction Program. Main objective of the training was to strengthen skills and know-how of NGOs-subrecipients to achieve effective usage of allocated grant resources according to the confirmed schedule and expenses category.

 8 financial officers representing HRP subrecipients participated in the training. During the training Fatima Talibova, financial specialist of the Global Fund Project Implementation Unit made presentations on general rules and regulations set by the Global Fund, its financial requirements to subrecipients, possible shortcomings in financial reports, management of allocated resources, preparation of documents  according to regulations, conduction of banking operations, proper direction of funds taken from accounts and follow up of their spending and preparation of financial reports.

 Other important information on issues related to potential consequencies of grant requiremnts violation, conducting of tax and social protection operations and reports, addendums and modifications to the related national legislation, filling of reporting forms and procedures were also discussed with and explained to participants. Presentations were followed by discussions on various important questions and was explained by PIU financial specialist.

Participants highly aprreciated the training, underlined its necessity and importance for financial officers of subrecipient NGOs. They said the gained knowledge and skills would be useful for them to prepare timely and proper reports.