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The training on procedures on procurement was delivered through the presentation by HIV Program procurement specialists on September 21, 2012. The training was attended by subrecipients program coordinators, finance and procurement officers. The main purpose of the training was to comply with the projects procurement procedures under the Global Funds requirements and improve quality of skills of the specialists engaged in such a field. Having delivered a report, PIU procurement specialist Emil Mammadov made a presentation on the scope of procurement procedures, explanation of required documentation, procedures and methods, proper implementation of the request for proposal, quotation and open tender features. Under the signed Grant Agreement, all the activities and operations within the framework of the projects shall be carried out in line with legislation of the state and under requirements of the Global Fund. Training participants were informed how it is important to get closely familiar and comply with laws, regulations and procedures to remove problems, gaps and delays arising during procurement process in the future. Please note that next procurement training for project subrecipients is planned to be additionally held in December after the HIV project second phase is approved.