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Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)
The Country Coordinating Mechanism on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Control in Azerbaijan was established in compliance with the requirements of the United Nations’ International Global Fund on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Control (hereinafter referred to as “Global Fund”) and on the basis of Agreement No. 17/5540-11 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, dated from November 13, 2004.
Country Coordinating Mechanisms are central to the Global Fund's commitment to local ownership and participatory decision-making. These country-level multi-stakeholder partnerships develop and submit grant proposals to the Global Fund based on priority needs at the national level. After grant approval, they oversee progress during implementation.
CCM core principles:
• Representation 
• Multisectoral partnership 
• Wide range of participation 
• Election of CCM members from non-government sector 
• Decision-making by consensus 
• Transparency 
• Documentation 
• Active communication with members of sector
Six minimum eligibility criteria for CCM:
• Transparent selection process for the representation of members of the non-government sector 
• Membership for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria 
• Transparent and documented process for submission and consideration of country proposals 
• Transparent and documented process on selection of the Principal Recipient and oversee the implementation of programs 
• Contributions to a wide range of stakeholders 
• The presence of a written policy on conflict of interest when the PR and the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the CCM represent the same organization
CCM structure:
• Government 
• Professional and academic associations/ unions 
• NGOs (international and local), community groups 
• Association of the people living with or affected by three diseases 
• Private sector 
• Religious and faith-based organizations 
• Multilateral, bilateral development partners
Who represents the Civil Society?
• Member organizations of each sub-sector of civil society (NGOs, FBOs, private sector....) 
• These organizations have to elect one of them to represent in CCM 
• The elected organization will select or elect their representatives from the chairmanship 
For each seat: 
• Current member is an official representative 
• Alternate can formally replace the current member
The process of election/ selection of members
• To inform members of sector/community about the process 
• To hold a meeting of member organizations/associations 
• To elect or select representatives according to the number of places defined for sector/community 
• To elect or select appropriate representatives as members and alternatives 
• To document the process in writing - written minutes of selection/election of members
Board of the CCM:
• The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the CCM must be from different sectors and must not be from the same organization. 
• They are elected by all members of the CCM during the general meeting 
• The election process must be documented and sent to the Global Fund
Main duties of CCM:
• To determine national priorities and shortages in programmatic, technical or financial support, in geographical area 
• To promote multi-sectoral participation 
• To ensure communication and continuity between the financing of the Global Fund and other supporting activities for the three diseases 
• To coordinate the preparation, to approve and submit grant proposals 
• To select the principal recipients of grants 
• To provide oversight for grants and to evaluate progress to Phase 2 
• To solve problems beyond the authority and competence of the Principal Recipient 
• To apply for Phase 2 and RCC 
• To ensure transparency of communication with all stakeholders and the Global Fund
CCM 5 core functions:
• The organization and effective functioning of the CCM according to the requirements of the legislation, the current Regulations and recommendations from the Global Fund; 
• The coordination, design, review and submission of proposals corresponding to national priorities on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria to GF and other international donor organizations; 
• The harmonization of activities carried out within the framework of GF-funded projects in accordance with national plans, and the coordination of other supporting activities and associated mobilization of resources; 
• The selection of the Principal Recipient (PR) by the CCM based on a transparent and documented selection process; 
• Maintaining and archiving CCM documentation, coordinating information exchange with the Global Fund and other stakeholders and making key information available for a wide range of stakeholders.
Secretariat Staff 
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