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Project Implementation Unit

Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Health, the Principal Recipient, is responsible for the overall implementation of the project and co-ordinates the various institutions and organizations to ensure synergy and prevent duplication. The PR channels the funds to sub-recipients in accordance with their mandate and specialization and in accordance with the performance based funding principle of the Global Fund. The PIU is legally responsible for programmatic results and financial accountability for the GFATM-financed AIDS/TB/Malaria Program.

 Coordinating role the PIU

The PIU will cooperate with CCM and the Global Fund to accomplish the purpose of the Grant Agreement. The PIU staff regularly meet with CCM to discuss plans, share information and communicate on matters that relate to the Program. The PIU provides to CCM reports and other relevant materials relating to the Program for information purposes. This will include, but not limited to, Progress Reports and Disbursement Requests, items delivered to fulfill conditions precedent, implementation letters and any amendment to the Grant Agreement.

 The PIU will assure the coordination of efforts with other partners that are involved in the implementation of the National AIDS/TB/Malaria Control Programs, both national and international.

The PIU role is to ensure that effective arrangements are put in place for: (i) disbursement of funds to all implementing entities (e.g. Sub-Recipients) in accordance with performance based funding principles; (ii) procurement and supply management in line with the Global Fund requirements for open and transparent procurement and value for money consideration and (iii) monitoring and evaluation, including reporting on programmatic results and financial accountability to the Global Fund and the CCM. The main functions of the PIU are as follows:

 Institutional and Programmatic arrangements:

 Develop effective organizational leadership, management, transparent decision making and accountability

Establish adequate infrastructure and information systems to support proposal implementation, including monitoring of performance of sub-recipients in a timely and accountable manner

Maintain adequate health expertise in the areas of AIDS/TB/Malaria and cross-functional expertise (finance, procurement, legal, M&E)